Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Motivation

At Tiny Tricks, we believe that no one should ever believe that their life is at a dead-end. Our guiding philosophy is that everyone possesses the potential to reach their goals-we only help them unlock it. Our mentoring programs will help you experience an epiphany or a transformation in the way you connect with your deepest self and the outside world.

We will help you deal with the primeval “fight or flight” syndrome present in all of us and help put you on the path of mindfulness leading to optimal decision making. All of us are driven by our myriad cognitive biases that lead us to view the world and indeed ourselves with blinkered perspectives. Our coaching and mentoring sessions help you get acquainted with these and train you to overcome them and replace them with empathy for everyone you deal with it.

By undergoing our structured, time-bound and goal-driven coaching programs you will witness a life-changing transformation in the way that your personal, social and business relationships take a dramatic turn for the better. We firmly believe that it is up to an individual to bring about the required transformation in their lives and our job primarily comprises of showing them how. We do however take it upon ourselves to ensure that our clients stay the course and bring about that life-changing transformation.
We have worked closely with corporate head honchos, entrepreneurs, artists, homemakers and people from myriad other streams of life and helped them transform their lives and achieve their cherished life-goals.



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