Get rid of addiction by EFT

Get rid of addiction by EFT

Various kinds of addiction are the bane of many of our youngsters and other emotionally vulnerable people. From alcohol and narcotic substance addiction to gaming obsession and other kinds of obsessive behaviors, addictions of any kind can be soul-destroying. At Tiny Tricks, we use Emotional Freedom Techniques to tackle the root of the problem. The idea is to remove the anxiety felt by addicts on account of emotions like fear, anger, and guilt that they are prone to experience.

EFT helps addicts not just give up their addiction but stay the course because it helps substantially lessen the negative memories and emotions that cause these addictions to occur. By dealing with the core issue behind an addiction we achieve better success at ridding people of their chronic addictions.

Today’s fast-paced life leaves most people with little time to connect with their family and friends. This combined with work-related stress and other lifestyle-related pressures cause an emotional vacuum in people, which often leads to them finding succor in addictions. EFT helps untangle these emotional knots in people and helps them obtain emotional freedom from their dependence upon any kind of addictions.

We help addicts overcome the negativity ingrained in their subconscious mind replacing it with positive thoughts and attitudes. This helps them get over their addiction quite at the earliest, as the factors that led them to it no longer exist. We help addicts heal by changing the very thought process that gives rise to any form of addiction.


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